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Lessons Integrating Information and Communication Technology within a Curriculum Area

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Subject Area / Topic Grade Title / Author
Fine Arts - Drama 10 Script Writing Activity - Lorne Cooke (TCRSB)
Film & Video Production 12 1-Minute Film Festival - Emily Davies (TCRSB)
Mathematics - Accounting 11 Lemonade Stand - Andrew Francis (CCRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management 7 Bias in Statistics - Byron Butt (SSRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management  7 Remembrance Day Stats Analysis - Byron Butt (SSRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management  8 Remembrance Day Stats Analysis - Byron Butt (SSRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management 9 Data Management Using E-STAT (DoE and StatCan staff)
Mathematics - Data Management 8 Surveys - Cara MacLean (HRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management 10 Data Management with Fathom - Jennifer Mills (SRSB)
Mathematics - Data Management 10 Data Management Project - Heather MacLean, Kim Mader, Andrew Pedersen (CBVRSB)
Mathematics - Geometry 8 Pythagorean Relationship - Cara MacLean (HRSB)
Mathematics - Geometry 7 Geometric Line Concepts - Byron Butt (SSRSB)
Mathematics - Geometry 5 and 9 Transformations - Mathematics Grades 5 to 9 (Nancy Chisholm, LRT)
Mathematics - Geometry 10 Constructing and Evaluating Similar Triangles - Danielle Boyd (SRSB)
Mathematics - Geometry 10 Designing a Logo Using The Geometer's Sketchpad - James Parsons (SRSB)

Mathematics - Number Operation

8 Dividing Fractions with Pattern Blocks - David MacIsaac (SRSB)
Mathematics - Number Operation 8 Math Jeopardy (Basic Skills) - Byron Butt (SSRSB) (powerpoint presentation)
Mathematics - Patterns and Relations 9 Mathematical Relationships - Sarah Petrie (SSRSB)
Mathematics - Probability 8 Probability - Paul Butler / Aaron Callaghan (CCRSB)
French Second Language 8 Le Grand Voyage - Dina Muise and Sonya Sauvé (SRSB)
English Language Arts - Mythology 9 Who Am I? (mythology) - Todd Symes (SSRSB)
English Language Arts - Mythology 9 Mythology's Influence on Today's Society - Todd Symes (SSRSB)
English Language Arts - Novel Study 9 Novel Study Unit of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton - Jessica Muise (SSRSB)
English Language Arts - Novel Study 9 I Am David by Anne Holm - Jason Kempt (CBVRSB)
English Language Arts - Radio Interviews 9 My Favourite Place - Nancy MacDonald (LRT)
English Language Arts - Poetry 7/8 Poetry in Depth - Eric Storr (CCRSB)
English Language Arts - Reader's Theatre 9 Character Development Through Reader's Theatre - Karen O'Leary (HRSB)
English Language Arts - Short Stories 9 Short Stories through Multimedia Presentations - Karen O'Leary (HRSB)
Elementary Language Arts P-3 Red - Nancy Chisholm / Sarah Hainsworth (LRT)
Science - Atoms and Elements 9 Family of Elements: Chemical Families - Cheryl Blackmore (HRSB)
Science - Biology 11 Frog Dissection Digital Lab Report - Edward Stewart (CCRSB)
Science - Biology/Oceans mainly 11 Field Trip to an Eastern Canadian Shore - Darnell Young (CBVRSB), Bernie LeBlanc (SRSB), Mona MacNeil (CBVRSB)
Science - Classifying 7 Classification of Substances - Jeff Carruthers (HRSB)
Science - Cells, Tissues, Systems 8 Body Systems Workstations - Jan MacDonald (CBVRSB)
Science - Density 8 Pressurized Liquids and Hydraulics - Tara Peach (HRSB)
Science - Electrostatics 9 Electroscope - Barb Avery (SRSB)
Science - Exploring Careers 9 Exploring Careers in Science - Jennifer Langford and Trisha DeMone (SSRSB)
Science - Light and Optics 4 and 8 Light and Optics - Nancy Chisholm
Science - Reproduction 9 Cell Cycle - Barb Avery (SRSB)
Science - Reproduction 9 Karyotyping - Jennifer Langford and Trisha DeMone (SSRSB)
Science - Space 6 and 9 Space - Nancy Chisholm (LRT)
Science - Weather 10 Using Weather Maps and Meteorological Data to Predict Weather in NS - Jason McCarron (CCRSB)
Science - Weather 10 Weather Stations - Aaron Neaves (SRSB)
Science - Physics 12 Photoelectric Effect - Bruce Dalzell (CBVRSB)
Special Education - Social Stories all Social Stories - Lauchie MacKinnon (SRSB)
Special Education / Language Arts - Picture Writing all Picture Writing - Lauchie MacKinnon (SRSB)
Social Studies 7 Empowerment and Disempowerment Judy MacDonald (CBVRSB)
Social Studies 9 Atlantic Canada Report Andy Gallant (HRSB)
Social Studies (Learning Centre) 2,3, 6 Building a Community - Gina Stelmach (CBVRSB)
Social Studies 8 Canada and the Second World War - Tara Peach (HRSB)
Social Studies various - examples are grade 8 The Gigantic Book of Famous Canadians - Patrick Mather (HRSB)
Social Studies 9 Culture Unit Atlantic Canada - Tracy Acker-Canning (HRSB), Jeff MacLeod (AVRSB), Shawna Penny (HRSB) and Karuna Singh (AVRSB)
Social Studies/Geography 9-12 Using GPS Units to Find the Location of Restaurants - Teresa Kewachuk (CCRSB)
Geography 10 Predicting Earthquakes - Teresa Kewachuk (CCRSB)
Geography 10-12 Images of Hurricane Juan - Teresa Kewachuk (CCRSB)
Global History 12 The Cold War Culture - David Seegmiller (TCRSB)
Political Science 12 Media Bias and Politics - David Seegmiller (TCRSB)
Tourism 11 Tourism - Introduction and Awareness - Andrew Francis (CCRSB)
Physical Education – Fitness 7 and 8 "Google" Around the Earth - Leanne Swansburg (AVRSB)
Physical Education 10 to 12 Video Skills, Drills and Thrills - Steve Schell, Karla Britney (AVRSB)
Image Composition various grades/courses Ryan Hainstock (AVRSB)
I Choose my Own Mark - Creating a rubric with students various grades/courses (see Who am I) - Todd Symes (SSRSB)
It's Just That Easy - Infomercials various grades/courses Darlene Barr / Ryan Hainstock / Mike Bullerwell (AVRSB)
Graphing using "Create a Graph" - National Centre for Educational Statistics various grades/courses Darnell Young (CBVRSB)
Keeping Courses Current with Online Research Projects various grades/courses Darnell Young (CBVRSB)
Searching EBSCO /
 Creating an account in My SRC
various grades/courses Sarah Hainsworth (LRT)
Technology Scavenger Hunt various courses Nancy Chisholm / Sarah Hainsworth (LRT)
Picture Writing various grades/courses Lauchie MacKinnon (SRSB)
Cover the Curriculum with a WebQuest various grades/courses Mona MacNeil (CBVRSB)
Please note: samples are based on Oceans 11 material
Video Vignette various grades/courses Mario Eleftheros and Jeff Carruthers (HRSB)



An Index of Biology Lessons (K-8) A Variety of Mapping Examples listed at SCORE web site
An Index of Example Maps from Inspiration Software Inc. Workshop Planning Example


The Integration of Information and Communication Technology within the Curriculum  (English) L'intégration des technologies de l'information et des communications dans le programme d'études (français)

ICT Outcomes (Excel Spreadsheet)

IT Lesson Plan Template (English) IT Lesson Plan Template (French)
Links to more information about the integration of technology in classrooms Summer Institute materials Samples and tutorials from 2005 - "Putting IT into Practice"
"What research says about integrating Information Technology" - set of signs to print and post


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