Integrating Information Technology

Instructional Use of Technology (Canada)

The Canadian Educational Policy and Administration Network is organized to support informed decision-making in education. CEPAN provides information about the educational administration. This link contains many useful links to publications and information about the use of technology in classrooms

School Administrator's Technology Integration Resource

The School Administratorsí Technology Integration Resource (SATIR/RITAS) provides tools and resources to kindergarten to grade 12 school administrators to assist in the integration of technology for students and staff in their schools

Link-to-Learn Professional Development

This site provides information and assistance in learning and teaching with technology, including tutorials, workshop materials, presentations, readings and links. From the Pennsylvania Education Network



Integrating Technology in the Classroom

This link will take you to the 14th slide of a PowerPoint presentation, giving general tips on the integration of technology into an elementary classroom. If you wish to view the presentation from the beginning, click here. If you wish to look at a list of available PowerPoint presentations on this site, click here. Presentation from Indiana, 1997



Integrate the Internet into the Classroom

This site is part of the Community Learning Network site, from British Columbia, which provides links to information and classroom activities to assist in the integration of technology into curriculum.
HPR*TEC Integrating Technology
Teacher Stories, Lessons, WebQuests, professional development and project based learning ideas and information. Teacher tools (at www4teachers) include RubiStar, which provides customizable rubrics, which can be saved on the site. University of Kansas
Resources for Professional Development in the Use of the Internet in Classrooms

Global SchoolNet has provided incentives and projects for students to create and/or access to enhance learning through the power of technology. This site contains links, information and presentations to assist teachers.
The Connected Teacher
Classroom Connect's guide for teachers to share and get the most out of the Internet. Some areas of this site may require registering as a member.
Awesome Library - K-12 Integrating Technology
This site provides many helpful categories for teachers, from using technology to schools on the net
Integrating Technology using Thematic Units
This site is hosted by a PBS station in Ohio. An entire section is devoted to Educational Resources. If you wish to view other resources at this web site, click here.
GIS As An Integrating Technology
Created by: Kenneth E. Foote and Margaret Lynch, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder; originally developed by Kenneth E. Foote and Margaret Lynch, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1995

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