Lessons Integrating Information and Communication Technology within a Curriculum Area


Jason McCarron, Cobequid Educational Centre


Using Weather Maps and Meteorological Data to Predict Weather in Nova Scotia

Grade Level

Grade 10

Subject Area


Overview of unit/lessons/activities (assumptions of prior knowledge/learning)

Use of the Internet, computers and Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation displaying weather maps and data.

Correlations to ICT and curriculum outcomes

Science 10 Weather Unit (213-6, 7), (331-4,5), (214-3), (331-2), (215-5), (117-10), (118-2) and (115-5).

ICT Learning Outcomes (SEHI 9.3, 12.4)

Projected timeline for preparation and for carrying out activities

2 Blocks (100 minutes)

Equipment Requirements: (computers, software, etc)

Internet, personal computer and Microsoft PowerPoint

A computer lab or mobile cart of laptops would be helpful, but students may also work on this activity in scheduled times at classroom computers.

Teaching materials provided (Blacklines, worksheets, templates, teacher materials)

Student Instructions and rubric


Resources available for teacher/student use (websites, references, etc)




http://imagesproject.ednet.ns.ca/ and http://openphoto.net/ (For weather pictures where copyright is cleared.)

Detailed instructions for each activity or lesson (teacher notes, activity information, learning strategies, teacher role, student roles)

See Student Instructions

Student products expected

PowerPoint presentation

Samples (include teacher notes, assessment information, student work if available)

See rubric attached to Student Instructions

See Sample Project

Logistics (organization, grouping, management issues, access to technology)

One computer for each student or may work in pairs. Computer lab preferred.

Assessment information (e.g., rubrics for products and/or process)

See rubric attached to Student Instructions

Possible extensions

Students may develop more complex presentations in order to explain the various aspects and symbols used in weather mapping.

Students could research previous extreme weather events (such as Hurricane Juan) and display the weather maps for these events.

Adaptations for students requiring additional support

Students not experienced with computers or PowerPoint should be paired with more experienced students.

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