Video Skills, Drills and Thrills


Steve Schell, Karla Britney


Video Skills, Drills and Thrills

Grade Level


Subject Area

Physical Education

Overview of unit/lessons/activities (assumptions of prior knowledge/learning)

This is a great lesson plan when the gym is unavailable to P.E. teachers.

Go to, and follow the instructions under, "Notes for Teachers".

Students will learn how to create short videos that highlight a specific drill, skill or rule for physical education activity, game or sport. For example, students could create a short video that explains a ball dribbling drill in basketball.

This lesson can be used as a whole class lesson plan, dependent upon availability of technology or done in small groups. There are links to take the teacher to different tutorials if they do not have prior knowledge of video production.

Correlations to ICT and curriculum outcomes

ICT Learning Outcomes Covered:

Students will be expected to
BOC 12.1    use a wide variety of technology, demonstrate a clear understanding of technological applications, and consistently apply appropriate technology to solve curriculum problems
BOC 12.4    take personal responsibility for their safe and ergonomic use of technology for learning

SEHI 12.1    behave ethically and with accuracy as they generate and distribute information about themselves, others, and curriculum topics under study
SEHI 12.2    articulate an informed and critical understanding of mass media, popular culture and electronic information environments; their techniques; and the effects of those techniques

PTS 12.2    evaluate, select, and use the following to learn and to represent curriculum concepts under study: specialized software, including computer-based simulations; and measuring, sampling and recording devices, including complex calculator

CT 12.1    use language, in a range of aural, print, media and electronic forms to explore and express their perceptions, feelings, ideas and attitudes; refine their thinking; and interact, negotiate, and collaborate with others in order to build their understanding
CT 12.2    critically apply technological skills in a range of electronic, visual, and print media for formal and informal communication
CT 12.3    design and create electronic documents to accomplish curricular tasks

RPSD 12.3    evaluate and organize ideas and information from a wide range of media and a variety of sources to meet their curriculum needs efficiently and independently

Projected timeline for preparation and for carrying out activities

This activity would require a minimum of 5-8 classes.

Equipment Requirements: (computers, software, etc)

Digital video camera
DV tape
computer with video editing program (Pinnacle Studio, MovieMaker, iMovie)

Teaching materials provided (Blacklines, worksheets, templates, teacher materials)

Assessment Rubric     word format            PDF format

Resources available for teacher/student use (websites, references, etc)

Pinnacle tutorial: 

Movie tutorial:
How To Sheet:

Windows Movie Maker tutorial:

Use your Google Mail (Gmail) account at school with this link: Access Google Mail

Note: This should bypass any site blocking program.


Please refer to the following site for information regarding copyright issues.

Detailed instructions for each activity or lesson (teacher notes, activity information, learning strategies, teacher role, student roles)

1. Introduction

  • Students will be introduced to project of having to create a video that demonstrates a particular skill, drill or rule from a physical education activity or sport
  • Show students examples of similar videos from Google Video
  • Have students brainstorm video ideas or supply them yourself.
  • Give a quick demonstration of the DV camera and let students explore and become familiar with the cameras
  • Have a sign up sheet to record groups and video topic
  • Refer students to the language of film and video so that a common language and background is available

2. Storyboarding

3. Video shoot

  • Depending on the number of cameras and facilities, many student groups can be shooting their videos at the same time and in the same facility. i.e.; gymnasium or various other locations around the school
  • Students should have their storyboards with them to follow as they shoot their video

4. Editing

There is a student web page the students will go to for their instructions on how to do this project.

Student products expected

Video under three minutes demonstrating the skill, drill, rules or game.

Samples (include teacher notes, assessment information, student work if available)

Feel free to copy the following web page and adapt it to fit your needs. Follow these instructions:
Students webpage:

  • Create a Google Mail (Gmail) account.
  • Use your Gmail to register with Google Page Creator.
  • Follow the directions to create a blank web page.
  • Copy this page and paste it into your blank web page.
Change and adapt it as you see fit!

Logistics (organization, grouping, management issues, access to technology)

Students can work in groups of two to four.

Assessment information (e.g., rubrics for products and/or process)

Assessment Rubric     word format            PDF format

Possible extensions

Filming athletics teams, Class presentations for those students who do not like to talk in front of a class.

Adaptations for students requiring additional support