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Hurricane Juan

Grade Level


Subject Area


Overview of unit/lessons/activities (assumptions of prior knowledge/learning)

Students will analyze images of the destruction from Hurricane Juan, and create a visual project, either as a class or individually.

Correlations to ICT and curriculum outcomes

Geography 10 outcome about natural disasters.

ICT Integration:

PTS 12.2 (relates to 9.2, 9.6) evaluate, select, and use the following to learn and to represent curriculum concepts under study: specialized software, including computer-based simulations; and measuring, sampling and recording devices, including complex calculators
CT 12.2 (relates to 9.1, 9.2) critically apply technological skills in a range of electronic, visual, and print media for formal and informal communication
CT 12.3 (relates to 9.1) design and create electronic documents to accomplish curricular tasks

Projected timeline for preparation and for carrying out activities

One week.

Equipment Requirements: (computers, software, etc)

Computer with internet access and digital photo software.

Teaching materials provided (Blacklines, worksheets, templates, teacher materials)

Resources available for teacher/student use (websites, references, etc)

ImagesProject (collection of photos for teachers and students) at http://imagesproject.ednet.ns.ca
Note: Teachers and students can use their IMP user ID and password to access the site from home.
Government website about Hurricane Juan: http://www.atl.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/juan/

Detailed instructions for each activity or lesson (teacher notes, activity information, learning strategies, teacher role, student roles)

When learning about natural disasters, students can focus on Hurricane Juan and analyze photos of the damage.

To see maps of the damaged area in Nova Scotia, go to: http://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/news/327 (scroll down) and to see list of affected areas go to http://www.atl.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/juan/track_e.html

Teachers might prepare a lecture or visual presentation about the hurricane and the impact upon people in Nova Scotia. Information is provided at: http://www.atl.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/juan/
Note: click on 'The Science of Hurricane Juan'.

There are many websites with photos from Hurricane Juan. Teachers could display these photos using a data projector, e.g http://www.atl.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/juan/photos_e.html or click on this link

Have students create categories of the damage.
Some categories of damage could be a) houses, b) businesses, d) sidewalks, e) roads and sidewalks, f) power lines, g) boats and wharves.

Students could create a class visual presentation about Hurricane Juan using PowerPoint software and donated digital photos. Many families near the school may have digital photos they would donate to this class project. Remind students to bring written permission to use photos taken by other people.

At school, teacher and students can access photos of the damage from Hurricane Juan by going to http://imagesproject.ednet.ns.ca/, click on 'Search for curriculum images' and then chose the repository for Hurricane Juan (click on the triangle beside 'All Repositories'), and then click 'Search!'. These photos can be incorporated into the class visual presentation.

Students can work in groups and be given the responsibility of finding photos that fit their assigned category of destruction. These groups can be scheduled to use several computers in the classroom, or given a period of time in a computer lab, so that they can create the class PowerPoint presentation.

Student products expected

Here is a sample of a school's visual presentation of Hurricane Juan:
Tallahassee Community School, Eastern Passage http://www.tcs.ednet.ns.ca/hurricanejuan.html

Samples (include teacher notes, assessment information, student work if available)

Here is a sample of a school's visual presentation of Hurricane Juan: http://www.tcs.ednet.ns.ca/hurricanejuan.html

Logistics (organization, grouping, management issues, access to technology)

One class (approximate 40 minutes) to lecture/present information about hurricanes, and in particular, Hurricane Juan. Over a period of several days, students will find and upload digital photos of the damage from Hurricane Juan into a class file on the school server.

One or two classes for students to create their portion of the class powerpoint presentation. Students could be circulated to use computers in the classroom during class time.

Assessment information (e.g., rubrics for products and/or process)

Students could write a letter to the editor to describe a fictional person's experience of the damage from Hurricane Juan, based upon photo/s of a particular site.

The teacher could use a rubric to assess collaborative work for each student.
Sample Rubric: hurricanejuan_rubric     Word format     pdf format

Possible extensions

Students could find photos of Hurricane Noel and repeat the activity.

Adaptations for students requiring additional support

The teacher could select a series of photos of damage from Hurricane Juan, and ask students to put them in order of less damage to infrastructure to most damage. The teacher could print the photos, or assemble them in a file in the school server that can be accessed and manipulated by the students.

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