Rubric for Group Evaluations







Provides useful ideas when doing group work. A real leader who contributes a lot of effort.

Usually provides ideas in group work. A strong member who tries hard.

Sometimes provides ideas in group work. A satisfactory group member who does what is required.

Rarely provides ideas to the group. May even refuse to participate.

Quality of Work

Provides excellent quality of work

Provides high quality work

Provides work that needs to be rechecked by group members.

Provides work that usually needs to be redone or rechecked by others.

Time management

Uses time well and has things completed on time. Deadlines and responsibilities are followed.

Uses time well but may have procrastinated on an item but deadlines were still met.

Tends to procrastinate but still meets deadlines.

Rarely gets things done by deadlines and had to change responsibilities in the group to ensure time management.


Never is publicly critical of anyone’s ideas, opinions or work. Always has a positive attitude about the task.

Rarely is publicly critical and usually has a positive attitude.

Occasionally is publicly critical and usually has a positive attitude.

Often is critical publicly and often has a negative attitude toward the task

Focus to task

Continuously stays focused to the task. Very self-motivated.

Focuses to the task most of the time. Can be depended on to complete a task.

Focuses to the task some of the time. Others need to encourage, prod and remind this person to stay on task

Rarely focuses on the task. Lets others do the work.