Mathematics 9: Focus on Understanding

Diagrams for use in Chapter 9: Geometry II


The diagrams provided here have been created to act as companions to the various activities given in the Mathematics 9 textbook. They have been made from the information given in various explorations and questions for Chapter 6. Each diagram was originally created using The Geometer's Sketchpad and then copied into a Microsoft Word document. Files in both formats are listed below.

Please Note:
Files for Units 9.2 and 9.3 are currently provided in two formats also. They are provided as .jpg images, suitable for printing.
Google Sketchup was used to create these 3D shapes, and files ending in .skp cannot be opened without that software installed. This is free software - click here to go to the download site. You will need to consult with your Board Technology Coordinator about having this software installed on computers in your school.



Get Ready page 38  
Word file name
Sketchpad file name
Circles   get_ready_circles.doc get_ready_circles.gsp
Mental Math Warmup   mentalmath_warmup.doc no file
Mental Math Warmup PowerPoint version mentalmath_powerpoint.ppt  
Get Ready page 39 Word file name Google Sketchup file name Image file name
Platonic Solids platonic_solids.doc see files below see files below
Tetrahedron   tetrahedron.skp tetrahedron.jpg
Hexahedron (cube)   hexahedron.skp hexahedron.jpg
Octahedron   octahedron.skp octahedron.jpg
Dodecahedron   dodecahedron.skp dodecahedron.jpg
Icosahedron   icosahedron.skp icosahedron.jpg
General Resources   Google Sketchup file name Image file name
Antiprisms steps in making antiprisms antiprism_steps.skp


  triangular antiprism triangular_antiprism.skp triangular_antiprism.jpg
  square antiprism square_antiprism.skp square_antiprism.jpg
  pentagonal antiprism pentagonal_antiprism.skp pentagonal_antiprism.jpg
  hexagonal antiprism hexagonal_antiprism.skp hexagonal_antiprism.jpg
Deltahedrons Website with information about the shapes    
  all deltahedrons deltahedrons.skp  
  4 faces   deltahedron_4.jpg
  6 faces   deltahedron_6.jpg
  8 faces   deltahedron_8.jpg
  10 faces   deltahedron_10.jpg
Geometer's Sketchpad net 12 faces deltahedron_12_net.gsp deltahedron_12_net.jpg
  14 faces   deltahedron_14.jpg
  16 faces   deltahedron_16.jpg
  20 faces   deltahedron_20.jpg
Archimedean Solids all archimedean.skp  
  cuboctahedron cuboctahedron.skp cuboctahedron.jpg
  great rhombicosidodecahedron gt_rhombicosidodeca.skp gt_rhombicosidodeca.jpg
  great rhombicuboctahedron gt_rhombicubocta.skb gt_rhombicubocta.jpg
  icosidodecahedron icosidodecahedron.skp icosidodecahedron.jpg
  small rhombicosidodecahedron sm_rhombicosidodeca.skb sm_rhombicosidodeca.jpg
  small rhombicuboctahedron sm_rhombicubocta.skp sm_rhombicubocta.jpg
  snub cube snub_cube.skp snub_cube.jpg
  snub dodecahedron snub_dodecahedron.skp snub_dodecahedron.jpg
  truncated cube (hexahedron) trun_cube.skp trun_cube.jpg
  truncated dodecahedron trun_dodecahedron.skp trun_dodecahedron.jpg
  truncated icosahedron trun_icosahedron.skp trun_icosahedron.jpg
  truncated octahedron trun_octahedron.skp trun_octahedron.jpg
  truncated tetrahedron trun_tetrahedron.skp trun_tetrahedron.jpg



Section of the Book
Word file name
Sketchpad file name
Unit 9.1        
Circle Designs Activities   Includes Teacher Notes circle_designs_act_teachnotes.doc no file
Math Forum Circle Designs   Activity math_forum_circles.doc no file
Definitions of Circle Terms   printable worksheet circle_definitions.doc no file
Discover the Math: Basic Circle   circle, chord, radius DTM_9.1_basic_circle.doc DTM_9.1_basic_circle.gsp
Discover the Math: Parts A & B 41-44 GS BLM 9.1 Tables GS_BLM_9.1_tables.doc no file
Discover the Math: Parts A & B 41 - 44 Conjecture Summary P_44_9.1_conjectures.doc no file
Discover the Math: Part A 41 3 P_41_9.1A_3.doc P_41_9.1A_3.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 41 4 P_41_9.1A_4.doc P_41_9.1A_4.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 42 7 P_42_9.1A_7.doc P_42_9.1A_7.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 42 8 P_42_9.1A_8.doc P_42_9.1A_8.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 42 9 P_42_9.1A_9.doc P_42_9.1A_9.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 42 Communicating Mathematically P_42_9.1A_CommMath.doc


Discover the Math: Part A

43 10 P_43_9.1A_10.doc P_43_9.1A_10.gsp
Discover the Math: Part A 41-43 Additional worksheet P_41_42_worksheet.doc P_41_42_worksheet.gsp

Discover the Math: Part B

43 1 P_43_9.1B_1.doc P_43_9.1B_1.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 43 2 P_43_9.1B_2.doc P_43_9.1B_2.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 44 5 P_44_9.1B_5.doc P_44_9.1B_5.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 44 6 a) P_44_9.1B_6a.doc P_44_9.1B_6a.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 44 6 b) P_44_9.1B_6b.doc P_44_9.1B_6b.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 44 6 d) P_44_9.1B_6d.doc P_44_9.1B_6d.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 44 7 P_44_9.1B_7.doc P_44_9.1B_7.gsp
Communicate the Key Ideas 44 1 P_44_9.1_1.doc P_44_9.1_1.gsp
Communicate the Key Ideas 45 3 P_45_9.1_3.doc P_45_9.1_3.gsp
Communicate the Key Ideas 45 4 P_45_9.1_4.doc P_45_9.1_4.gsp

Communicate the Key Ideas

45 Example 1 P_45_9.1_Ex_1.doc P_45_9.1_Ex_1.gsp

Communicate the Key Ideas

46 Example 2 P_46_9.1_Ex_2.doc P_46_9.1_Ex_2.gsp

Check Your Understanding

47 3 P_47_9.1_3.doc P_47_9.1_3.gsp

Check Your Understanding

47 5 P_47_9.1_5.doc P_47_9.1_5.gsp

Check Your Understanding

47 6 P_47_9.1_6.doc P_47_9.1_6.gsp
Check Your Understanding 47 7 P_47_9.1_7.doc P_47_9.1_7.gsp
Check Your Understanding 47 8 P_47_9.1_8.doc P_47_9.1_8.gsp
Check Your Understanding 47 9 P_47_9.1_9.doc P_47_9.1_9.gsp
Check Your Understanding 48 10 P_48_9.1_10.doc P_48_9.1_10.gsp
Check Your Understanding 48 11 P_48_9.1_11.doc P_48_9.1_11.gsp
Check Your Understanding 48 12 P_48_9.1_12.doc P_48_9.1_12.gsp

Check Your Understanding

48 13 P_48_9.1_13.doc P_48_9.1_13.gsp

Check Your Understanding

48 15 P_48_9.1_15.doc P_48_9.1_15.gsp
Circle Exercises   printable worksheet circle_exercises.doc no file
Additional Worksheets   printable worksheet 1 worksheet_1.doc worksheet_1.gsp
    printable worksheet 2 worksheet_2.doc worksheet_2.gsp
    printable worksheet 3 worksheet_3.doc worksheet_3.gsp
Reviews   Chords 01_review_chords.doc 01_review_chords_diagrams.gsp
    Tangents 02_review_tangents.doc 02_review_tangents_diagrams.gsp
    Arcs and Angles 03_review_arcs_angles.doc 03_review_arcs_angles_diagrams.gsp
    Circle Conjectures 04_review_circle_conjectures.doc 04_review_circle_conjectures_diagrams.gsp
    Circumference/ Diameter Ratio 05_review_circum_diam_ratio.doc 05_review_circum_diam_ratio_diagrams.gsp
    More Circle Questions 06_more_circles.doc 06_more_circles_diagrams.gsp
    Arc Lengths 07_review_arc_lengths.doc 07_review_arc_lengths_diagrams.gsp
Assessment   Assessment Questions circles_assessment.doc circles_assessment_diagram.gsp
    Circles Quiz 1 circles_quiz_1.doc circles_quiz_1_diagrams.gsp
    Circles Quiz 2 circles_quiz_2.doc circles_quiz_2_diagrams.gsp
    Circles Quiz 3 circles_quiz_3.doc circles_quiz_3_diagrams.gsp
    Circles Test circles_test.doc circles_test_diagrams.gsp
Unit 9.2 Page Question Google Sketchup file JPG image file
Discover the Math: Part A 49 regular triangular prism P_49_9.2_reg_tri_prism.skp P_49_9.2_reg_tri_prism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 50 reg square prism (cube) P_50_9.2_reg_sq_prism_cube.skp P_50_9.2_reg_sq_prism_cube.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 50 reg pentagonal prism P_50_9.2_reg_pent_prism.skp P_50_9.2_reg_pent_prism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 50 reg hexagonal prism P_50_9.2_reg_hex_prism.skp P_50_9.2_reg_hex_prism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 51 triangular antiprism P_51_9.2_tri_antiprism.skp P_51_9.2_tri_antiprism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 51 square antiprism P_51_9.2_sq_antiprism.skp P_51_9.2_sq_antiprism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part A 51 pentagonal antiprism P_51_9.2_pent_antiprism.skp P_51_9.2_pent_antiprism.jpg
Discover the Math: Part B 51 2a) 4 faces P_51_9.2_2a_4faces.skp P_51_9.2_2a_4faces.jpg
Discover the Math: Part B 51 2 a) 6 faces P_51_9.2_2a_6faces.skp P_51_9.2_2a_6faces.jpg
Discover the Math: Part B 51 2 a) 8 faces P_51_9.2_2a_8faces.skp P_51_9.2_2a_8faces.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 52 4 table Word file: P_52_9.2_4_table.doc  
Discover the Math: Part C 53 2 P_53_9.2_2.skp P_53_9.2_2.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 53 3 P_53_9.2_3.skp P_53_9.2_3.jpg
Communicate the Key Ideas 54 Example 1 P_54_9.2_Ex1.skp P_54_9.2_Ex1.jpg
Check Your Understanding 55 1 P_55_9.2_1.skp P_55_9.2_1.jpg
Check Your Understanding 57 10 P_57_9.2_10.skp P_57_9.2_10.jpg
Check Your Understanding 57 11 P_57_9.2_11.skp


Check Your Understanding 57 14 P_57_9.2_14.skp P_57_9.2_14.jpg
Convex Polyhedra - Venn Diagram     unit_9.2_convexpolyhedra_venn.doc unit_9.2_convexpolyhedra_venn.gsp
Convex Polyhedra - Characteristics     unit_9.2_convexpolyhedra_charac.doc  
Unit 9.3        
Discover the Math: Nets     no file Sketchpad file: DTM_9.3_nets.gsp
Discover the Math: Part B 60 all Word file: P_60_9.3_PartB.doc no file
Discover the Math: Part B 60 all (French version) Word file: P_60_9.3_PartB_french.doc no file
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 pdf file: symmetry_cube.pdf no file
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 solutions to pdf pdf file: symmetry_cube_answers.pdf  
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 P_61_9.3_3.skp no file
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 - midpoint rotation   P_61_9.3_3mid.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 - vertex rotation   P_61_9.3_3vert.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 61 3 - angled rotation   P_61_9.3_3angle.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C Website Rotational Symmetry: Cube and Tetrahedron lesson, study tips and videos of cube and tetrahedron
Discover the Math: Part C 61 4 P_61_9.3_4.skp P_61_9.3_4.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 62 Example 1 P_62_9.3_Ex1.skp P_62_9.3_Ex1.jpg
Discover the Math: Part C 62 Example 2 P_62_9.3_Ex2.skp P_62_9.3_Ex2.jpg
Check Your Understanding 63 3 P_63_9.3_3.skp P_63_9.3_3.jpg
Presentation     PowerPoint file name  
Convex Polyhedra     ConvexPolyhedra.ppt  
Word file name
Sketchpad file name
Chapter Review 66 2 P_66_review_2.doc P_66_review_2.gsp
Practice Test 68 2 P_68_pract_test_2.doc P_68_pract_test_2.gsp
  68 8 P_68_pract_test_8.doc P_68_pract_test_8.gsp